Life Coaching

This area of coaching focuses more on the “Mind” part of Body/Mind/Spirit.

Sometimes it is our mind that blocks us subconsciously from being all that we can be.  Life coaching can help you reach your personal goals, dreams and visions.

Life coaching is not like psychotherapy.  Psychotherapy focuses on the past.  Life coaching focuses on the future.

Life coaching can support you in reaching your full potential in any area of life, be it wellness, career, getting organized, etc.

Austin Ayurveda can coach anybody in any area of life, but we specialize in helping people realize their dharma.   “If an individual is following their dharma, they are pursuing their truest calling, serving all other beings in the universe by playing their true role.”  (Quote from

Our coaches are certified Life Coaches.

If you are interested in obtaining our Life Coaching services or would like more information, please give us a call.  These services can be performed over the phone.

Life Coaching Prices

$75 Per Session