SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence Coaching

This area of coaching focuses more on the “Spirit” part of Body/Mind/Spirit.

IQ is our individual Intelligence Quotient.

EQ is our Emotional Intelligence, which reflects our interpersonal skills.

SQ is Spiritual Intelligence, which is defined as:  The ability to behave with wisdom and compassion, while maintaining inner and outer peace, regardless of the situation.

Beyond Emotional Intelligence, SQ21 is the 21 skills of Spiritual Intelligence.

SQ21 is faith neutral.

This skill set was compiled based on observed skills of “spiritually intelligent” people who have been admired all over the world, and developing this skill set can help you in your daily life with family, friends and colleagues.

Broadly, there are four areas of skill development that you will learn about:

  •      Higher Self / ego self Awareness
  •      Higher Self  / ego self Mastery
  •      Universal Awareness
  •      Social Mastery / Spiritual Presence

You will take a self-assessment survey, which serves as a wonderful benchmark as to where you are in your spiritual development.

This is worth doing at least once in a lifetime.  Spiritual growth is generally slow, usually over many years.  You could repeat it in a few years if you want to, just to see how you have grown, but it is not necessary.

The first appointment is a 1 hour debriefing session, during which we will go over your survey results.

After that, there is a treasure trove of resources available to help you work on any of these areas.

You can read more about Spiritual Intelligence by clicking here:  deepchange.com

Our coaches are certified SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence Coaches.

If you are interested in obtaining our SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence Coaching services or would like more information, please give us a call.  These services can be performed over the phone.

SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence Coaching Prices

$159 Price of SQ21 Self-Assessment Survey
$150 Initial SQ21 Coaching Session (1 hour)
$75 Additional SQ21 Coaching Sessions (30 minutes)