Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Coaching

This area of coaching focuses more on the “Body” part of Body/Mind/Spirit.

“Ayur” means “life”, and “veda” means “knowledge”, so “Ayurveda” means “the knowledge of life” or “the knowledge of longevity”.

Ayurveda is the 5,000-year-old Wisdom of Healthy Living from India. It emphasizes maintaining the harmony of Body-Mind-Spirit through diet, lifestyle and natural herbs. In Ayurveda the emphasis is not on a particular disease but on maintaining the balance of your individual constitution.

Modern day recommendations change all of the time. Ayurvedic recommendations have not changed for thousands of years!

Your first appointment will last 1.5 hours.  You will receive a body type analysis.  Your body type does not change throughout your lifetime, so you only need to do this part once.  You will receive Ayurvedic recommendations for your body type.  Any imbalances will also be addressed.

Let Ayurveda set your feet on the road to wellness!

Our Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Coaches are NAMA certified. (NAMA = National Ayurvedic Medical Association)

If you are interested in obtaining our Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Coaching services or would like more information, please give us a call.

Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Coaching Prices

$250 Hourly Rate
$375 Initial Session (1.5 hours)
$125 First Follow-up Session (30 minutes)
$400 First-time Package Deal (Initial and Follow-up Session) – save $100
$125 Additional Follow-up Sessions (30 minutes)

Note: We sell package deals only for first-time participants because the follow-up appointment is very important.