Ayurvedic Quotient (AQ)

What’s that?!

Most of us are familiar with the term IQ (Intelligence Quotient), but there are multiple other intelligences as defined by Dr. Howard Gardner such as:

Linguistic/Verbal Intelligence (“word smart”)
Logical-mathematical Intelligence (“number/reasoning smart”)
Visual-Spatial Intelligence (“picture smart”)
Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence (“body smart”)
Musical Intelligence (“music smart”)
Interpersonal Intelligence (“people smart”)
Intrapersonal Intelligence (“self smart”)
Naturalist Intelligence (“nature smart”)

Furthermore, these days we here other buzz words such as:
EQ = Emotional Intelligence
DQ = Digitial Intelligence
BI = Business Intelligence

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I would like to introduce you to a new term that I have coined, and that is AQ (Ayurvedic Quotient).  This is your Life Intelligence quotient. This tells you how “life smart” you are. Ayurveda is the knowledge of life or longevity, and we want to know how we can best live this life that we have been given.

How well do you understand your own body-mind type?

How well do you understand common Ayurvedic terms and recommendations?

What is your Ayurvedic Quotient?

Answer this brief questionnaire:
Do you know what your body type is?
Do you know what your mental type is?
Do you know what a dosha is?
Do you know how to keep your body-mind type in balance?
Do you know what imbalances you have right now?
Do you eat an Ayurvedic diet?
Do you have a daily routine?
Do you perform self-massage daily?
Do you meditate daily?
Do you exercise daily?

If you score less than 10 “yes” answers, you may benefit from some of our services.

How would it benefit you to elevate your AQ (Ayurvedic Quotient)?

It would help you to optimize your own personal health by knowing your own body/mind type and specific recommendations for that.  It would also help you to optimize your EQ (Emotional Intelligence), which will help in your dealings with others, both on a personal and professional basis, simply by being familiar with the fact that people with certain body-mind types are prone to act certain ways.

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Article Copyright Austin Ayurveda April 2017